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Motorcycles are fun to ride. However, when a negligent driver hits you on your bike, motorcycle accidents become devastating to the rider and his or her family. If you have been in an accident and have sustained a motorcycle accident injury in Myrtle Beach or across South Carolina, you will want to have nearby help in settling your motorcycle accident claims with the insurance company. There are strategies you can use to increase the size of your settlement. It is best to utilize the services of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, who can take care of the legal matters, leaving you free to recuperate and get better quickly.

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If you or your bike were damaged or injured in a motorcycle accident that was no fault of your own, you have rights under the law to receive payment for all your medical bills, lost wages and for pain and suffering. All of this and more are explained in our book.

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Also, you should be paid to repair or replace your damaged motorcycle, and for any out-of-pocket expenses you incur due to your accident. Of сourse, that does not usually mean that you will get that money without a fight from the defendant’s insurance company. It is for this reason that you need Lovely Law firm to file a Myrtle Beach-area motorcycle accident lawsuit on your behalf.


Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Myrtle Beach South Carolina Lovely Law Firm

If however, the motorcycle you rode is thought to have factory defects, we сan seek compensation from manufacturers of the motorcycle themselves. We сan contact the motorcycle company officials and if the compensation offer is unacceptable, we may bring them to court. If you were in a motorcycle accident in Myrtle Beach and the only explanation is a malfunction of your motorcycle, it’s worth a call to get a free case evaluation!

Most importantly, The Lovely Law Firm will make sure that your claim for damages will be within the statute of limitations so that any action would be productive. Remember that as a victim, it is well within your right to seek recovery from whatever injuries you may have sustained.

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South Carolina Accident Statistics for 2019

  • In 2019* (the most recently reported year) there were 2041 total collisions involving a motorcycle in South Carolina that resulted in damages over $1,000, an injury, or a fatality.
  • Of those accidents, the most – 275 happened in May 2019 – which does coincide with Myrtle Beach Bike Week of 2019 – and drew motorcyclists from all over the country into South Carolina to celebrate.
  • Motorcycle accidents were most likely to occur on Saturdays in 2019, with the most dangerous hours between 3 pm and 6 pm.

Riding a motorcycle at any time can be dangerous. If you’re in an accident, we highly recommend you engage with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to ensure you or your loved one’s best interests are considered during the negotiations with the insurance companies.

*These statistics do not include accidents that occurred on private property or that were reported on any form other than the TR-310, a form that is filed when a collision results in at least $1,000 in total property damage, results in injury, or death on a public highway or roadway. Source:


FAQ for Motorcycle Accident Cases in Myrtle Beach

  • What is the average settlement of a motorcycle case in SC?

There is no way a lawyer can tell you what the average settlement Value of motorcycle cases are in SC. Anyone who does is simply not telling you the truth. So how can you determine the value of your motorcycle case? The value of your settlement will be a function of several factors. First, we must determine the liability of the parties and whether or not there is any contributory negligence on your behalf that may reduce your recovery. The next factor we examine is your damages and injuries. How bad were you hurt and did you seek treatment? Obviously, a broken bone case is worth more in general than a soft tissue case with no medical treatment. Next, we must examine other issues that may be particular to your case, such as witness statements, pictures of the scene, scarring, gaps in medical treatment, and punitive conduct by the at-fault party. These are just some of the factors that will either add value or decrease the value of your motorcycle accident settlement. Finally, there needs to be insurance coverage. No matter how large your damages, if the at-fault party only has minimum coverage limits of $25,000, that may be all you can recover. This is why I stress the importance of UIM insurance in our motorcycle book.

We’ve prepared this guide to motorcycle insurance coverage for our clients. Feel free to review and discuss with your motorcycle insurance agent.

  • How likely is an insurance company to total my bike after an accident?

In general, insurance companies will total your vehicle if the cost to repair the bike is 75% or more of the trade-in value of the bike. In these cases, your motorcycle will be totaled. The problem usually arises in our office with custom bikes. We all know we spend hundreds and sometimes thousands on customization so this is important. Because of this, my office utilizes a third-party appraisal company to make sure your bike value is fair. We also employ a 25-year property damage adjuster to properly estimate these values.

  • Can I keep my bike and still get a check after an accident?

The Lovely Law Firm Injury Lawyer Motorcycle Wreck 3If your bike is repairable, repairs will be made and you will keep your motorcycle. We may also be able to recover some diminished value for your bike on newer models. If your bike is totaled, you will receive your total check and have to surrender your motorcycle to the insurance company. If you want to keep the damaged bike and try to repair it on your own, we can often negotiate for you to “buy your bike at salvage.” This is where you keep the damaged bike I repaired and the amount of your check is reduced by the salvage price, usually 500-1500. You will keep the bike but it will now have a salvage SC title.

  • A car turned left in front of me while I was riding, who is at fault?

More than 40% of all motorcycle accidents happen because of an at-fault car turning in front of them. The at-fault car simply does not see the motorcycle. While each case is different, the biker is usually not at fault in these circumstances. The at-fault car turning left has a duty to keep a proper lookout and not make an improper turn or lane shift. Our investigators work with my office to gather the facts and nearby surveillance video footage where these instances are in issue in your motorcycle case.

  • Will health insurance affect how much I can get from my motorcycle settlement?

Health insurance Is great for your motorcycle case. Health insurance will actually allow for a greater recovery for you and more money in your pocket. The reason for this is that health insurers have negotiated contract prices for your medical care. These prices are often 20-30 cents on the dollar for the actual cash price on your medical bills. In SC, when I go to settle your case when you are done treating, I am able to show the full value of your medical bills, not what insurance has paid! This Is the collateral source rule in SC. Now, at the end of your case, your health insurance provider will often be entitled to repayment by way of asserting a lien on your settler, however, we can negotiate the lien amount, and because of the collateral source rule you still come out ahead using your health insurance than if you do not have health insurance.

If you do not have insurance, you may be eligible for a letter of protection that promises your medical bills are paid out of any settlement you receive. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you set this up.

  • What if I was not wearing a helmet?The Lovely Law Firm Injury Lawyer Motorcycle Helmet

If you are over 21 years old, a helmet is not required in SC. This does not in any way affect your motorcycle case liability-wise. Certainly, the defense will raise this issue, however, it is merely a factor in your damages and not the liability portion of your motorcycle case.

  • What about comparative negligence in a motorcycle case?

In SC, as long as you are not more than 50% liable for your accident you have a claim. If you are partially at fault, your recovery will simply be reduced. For instance and by way of example, you are in an accident suffering 100,000 in injuries. Assume you are 40% at fault. Your $100k would be reduced by 40% resulting in a recovery of $60k available to you. Of course, this is a very generalized example and we need to evaluate your case. In a perfect world, we work on your claim from the beginning and investigate your case so that this is not an issue. This is also an important reason to NEVER give a recorded statement!

  • What is the statute of limitations for a motorcycle case?

The statute of limitations in SC is Three years from the date of the accident for a motorcycle injury case.

  • What type of damages could I be awarded? Does the Private Party pay, or does their insurance company?

You are entitled to several elements of damages in a motorcycle injury claim. We go after your past medical bills, past lost wages, and your pain and suffering. We also can attempt to Recover future medical bills and future lost wages in your case. We may be required to retain an expert economist to accurately value your future damages. The insurance policy of the at-fault driver pays your damages up to the limit of the policy. After the liability policies are extinguished we pursue UIM first-party benefits if applicable. If the party has assets we could actually attach to and is not judgment proof, we can even pursue those assets personally.


  • Why do some lawyers specialize in motorcycle accidents only?

Motorcycle cases are not like your average run-of-the-mill car wreck case. There are several factors that are different in these cases. We have written several articles about this topic and even shot numerous videos to try and educate the biker community about the importance of motorcycle wreck experience on the part of the lawyer. To break it down as simply as possible, for one, we are dealing with 2 wheels vs. a 4 wheel vehicle. The mechanics, and the way to work these cases up, are much different. Injuries are often more severe. if not catastrophic. than your average car wreck. Further, a jury member who does not ride a motorcycle or simply does not like motorcycles will place a bias onto the injured rider. This simply must be overcome and explained to the juror in order to get a fair and full recovery after a collision. Attorneys who do not understand this because he or she does not work a lot of motorcycle accidents will simply work the case like an average car wreck case and be blindsided when faced by these differences.


  • What if I don’t hire a motorcycle accident lawyer for my case?

The Lovely Law Firm Injury Lawyer Motorcycle Wreck Claims (Facebook Post)If you choose to go it alone, realize you are facing an uphill battle. Insurance companies and adjusters have unlimited resources supplied by multi-billion dollar insurance companies whose sole priority will be to deny, delay, and devalue your claim. First, they will try and corner you into making declarations via a recorded statement. The facts will certainly be spun in favor of the at-fault party. This statement will be used against you later. Calls will be slowly returned if at all. Medical treatment will be devalued if even paid at all. You will not get help with treatment if you don’t have medical insurance. The adjuster will not be truthful with you. His or her duty is to the insured, not the injured rider! After you are worn down and think there is no hope, they may try and ram a pittance of a settlement down your throat to end the case.

Take our advice, hire an attorney who knows how to handle these claims. Take the stress off of your shoulders and let the legal team get to work FOR YOU. The playing field is levelled and you can focus on your recovery while the attorney focuses on your case and the defense attorneys.


  • Where do I get a professional motorcycle accident lawyer? And What are some tips on hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer?
    If you need an attorney who handles motorcycle wrecks, ask around in your biker community. Do the research. Does the attorney participate in charitable events within the biker community? Do you see this firm in the news? Does the law firm help those causes that bikers hold dear? Does the lawyer teach and sponsor Accident Scene Management classes to train bikers BEFORE the accident? Does the law office offer insurance policy reviews to make sure you are protected on your bike in the event the at-fault driver does not have enough insurance? Finally, is the lawyer a member of the National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, working with other members across the U.S. to improve case results on motorcycle injury cases? After you finish asking these questions and doing the research, you will see that there is only one firm in the area that can answer yes to all of these questions. The Lovely Law Firm Injury Lawyers
  • What are the commonly known motorcycle hand signals? 
    Here is a handy graphic of the commonly known hand signals that motorcyclists use 

Not from Myrtle Beach? We serve many areas across South Carolina. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Columbia, motorcycle accident lawyer in North Charleston, motorcycle accident lawyer in Florence, or a motorcycle accident lawyer in Conway.

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