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Tune Into Our Weekly Personal Injury Podcast

The Carolina Justice Report

Justin Lovely created The Carolina Justice Report podcast, which is a personal injury lawyer podcast,  as a way to connect and inform his clients and listeners about the ins and outs of personal injury cases.  He also speaks about the tactics and strategies The Lovely Law Firm uses in criminal law and personal injury cases.

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The Carolina Justice Report Podcast

Together with his fellow hosts Amy and Sarah, Justin goes over the nuances in specific cases that most people don’t know about, like the laws and procedures surrounding car accidents or even motorcycle accidents.


This legal podcast can also feature special guests, interviews, and commentary on cases that surround personal injury and criminal law. Curious about how the justice system works? While tuning in to The Carolina Justice Report, listeners will learn about the process, learn various ways cases can be handled, and witness how the Lovely Law Firm follows its own motto of “Justice is Lovely.”


When Do New Episodes Air?

The Carolina Report published an episode approximately every two weeks. Justin knows that too much information surrounding the law can be hard to digest, and he never wants to overwhelm his clients or listeners. To stay up to date with our latest episodes, you can subscribe to their podcast on YouTube, iTunes, or bookmark this page and listen below.


Meet The Hosts

Justin Lovely

JustinJustin Lovely - Myrtle Beach Injury Attorney - host of The Carolina Justice Report Podcast has been practicing law for many years and received his degree in law from the Appalachian School of Law. Now he services Myrtle Beach and the entirety of South Carolina. For a short time before starting his practice, he was a public defender in Knox County. Justin is admitted to practice in South Carolina courts and the US District Court as well. With all the knowledge he has, he wants to use it to help others. That is why he created The Carolina Justice Report, so his clients and followers can learn more about their rights.


Amy Lawrence

AmyAmy Lawrence - Myrtle Beach Personal Injury and Criminal Defense attorney - host of The Carolina Justice Report Podcast has been named in the “Top 40 Under 40” in regards to lawyers in South Carolina, which is a huge achievement for any attorney in the state. Amy also received her Juris Doctorate from the Appalachian School of Law, and she even spent a semester studying at Oxford University in England where her studies focused on Advanced Torts. Not only is she an expert at successfully litigating personal injury cases, but she has also had the opportunity to be a representative in some high-profile criminal cases in the state. Amy is passionate about her love for the law, and she wants to spread as much information and knowledge through The Carolina Justice Report.


Sara Austin

SarahSarah Austin - Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Attorney - host of The Carolina Justice Report Podcast received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Rutgers in 2014. She then obtained her Juris Doctor at the University of South Carolina Law School. Most of her course load was focused on cyber-security and electronic discovery.  Sara has lived in multiple states including New Jersey and Colorado, but she has decided to make South Carolina and The Lovely Law Firm her home.  She is well versed in all aspects of the law pertaining to criminal and personal injury law.



You can listen to The Carolina Justice Report below, or subscribe on iTunes, YouTube, or your favorite podcasting platform!

If you’d like to discuss an injury accident case or if you need help with your defense for a traffic offense or criminal charge, contact the team at The Lovely Law Firm for a free consultation!

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