You Need Supplemental Coverage for Custom Motorcycle Parts in South Carolina
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Why you need Supplemental Coverage for Custom Bike Parts in South Carolina

All motorcycles must have motorcycle insurance policies. However, if you have a custom motorcycle in South Carolina, or plan to ride one here, you should consider purchasing supplemental coverage. Without supplemental coverage to cover the custom parts on your bike and the modifications that have been made, your recovery will be limited to the fair market value of an unmodified motorcycle after an accident. Custom motorcycles are frequently one-of-a-kind and can be difficult to replace after an accident without supplemental insurance.

When you are searching for supplemental insurance for your custom bike, you will not be likely to obtain a quote online. Instead, you will want to work with an insurance agent over the phone or in person. Here is some information that The Lovely Law Firm believes you should know about finding a supplemental policy for your custom motorcycle.

What is covered by supplemental custom motorcycle insurance?

When you purchase a motorcycle insurance policy, it will include standard coverage. To cover your custom parts and modifications, you will need to choose some add-ons to protect your bike. If you are involved in an accident that is your fault, your liability coverage will pay for the damage and injuries suffered by the other involved motorist. However, if you only have liability insurance on your motorcycle, it will not pay for your repair costs after an accident in which you are at fault. Because of this, you might want to purchase comprehensive and collision insurance. The deductibles for comprehensive and collision insurance are typically higher when you have a custom bike because of the value of the parts and the labor involved with replacing them.

Who should purchase supplemental insurance for custom motorcycles?

All motorcyclists in South Carolina must carry insurance. However, if you have a custom motorcycle, a standard policy will be insufficient. Even if you never ride your custom bike, you should still insure it in case it is vandalized or stolen. Custom bike owners require more insurance than other motorcycle owners because of the higher value of their bikes and the more expensive cost to fix or replace the bike if you’re in a motorcycle accident. Without supplemental coverage for your motorcycle’s custom modifications and parts, you could lose a lot of money if you are in a motorcycle accident.

How to get quotes for supplemental custom insurance

Most insurance companies will want to give you a quote in person or over the phone when you need supplemental coverage for a custom motorcycle. This is because it is difficult to determine your motorcycle’s value online. You will be asked several questions by the agent that are aimed to help him or she determine the value of your bike and the add-ons you need.

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