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Out of State Speeding Ticket Drivers

Out of State Speeding Ticket

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Out of state speeding ticket Drivers from areas other than South Carolina tend to need the most help when it comes time to defend their traffic violation. North Carolina Drivers, as well as drivers from other parts of the country, visit the Myrtle Beach area in droves and several drivers leave the beach with a citation for Speeding.

If you have been cited with a traffic ticket violation in South Carolina, your home state’s DMV may punish you more severely depending on the type of moving violation you received.  A South Carolina ticket that is a 4 point violation may have a higher point value in your jurisdiction.  This may transfer into higher insurance costs and even a possible suspension of your license when the ticket is reported to your home state.

The Attorneys at The Lovely Law Firm are experienced in handling speeding and traffic tickets in all South Carolina Courts and Jurisdictions.  The Firm can appear for you in Court to represent your interests.  The Lovely Law Firm will fight for your traffic and DMV interests with insurance cost savings in mind.  Point reductions are common and result in lower, if any, insurance increases in the long run for clients.  In some jurisdictions it may be possible to rewrite the traffic ticket to a different violation that does not carry point penalties with the DMV.  All of your available options will be discussed during your consultation.

If you have been cited with a traffic violation, as simple as a  Speeding Ticket or the more severe Reckless Driving, Call the Lovely Law Firm now to speak to an attorney 843-839-4111.


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