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Insurance Points for Traffic Violations

Insurance Points for Traffic Violations

Myrtle Beach Speeding Ticket Lawyers

The Following are the Insurance Points for Traffic Violations in South Carolina. The most severe Insurance Points for Traffic Violations penalties are listed first down to the least severe.

Hit and Run, Property Damage Only 6
Reckless Driving 6
Passing a Stopped School Bus 6
Speeding 25 mph or more over the limit 6
Disobedience of any official traffic device 4
Disobedience to any official directing traffic 4
Disregarding a Railroad Sign 4
Disobeying Signal of Approaching Train 4
Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road 4
Driving through or within a Safety Zone 4
Failure to Give or Giving an improper Signal 4
Failure to Yield 4
Following too Closely 4
Operating with Improper Brakes 4
Passing Unlawfully 4
Speeding More than 10mph, but less than 25mph 4
Driving too fast for conditions, over 10mph 4
Turning Unlawfully 4
Defective Tail Light 2
Driving a Vehicle in an Unsafe Condition 2
Driving in an Improper Lane 2
Failure to Dim Lights 2
Improper Backing 2
Improper Dangerous Parking 2
Operating with Improper Lights 2
Shifting Lanes Improperly 2
Speeding 10 mph or less 2
Driving too fast for conditions, 10mph or less 2


As anyone can see it is imperative that a traffic lawyer fight your traffic violation.  The points are clear and you will see it reflected on your car insurance premium.

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