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Property Crimes Lawyer in Myrtle Beach

Have you been charged with a property crime in South Carolina? You’re likely facing criminal charges for theft, larceny, shoplifting, burglary, credit card theft, armed robbery, arson or vandalism. You can be an adult or as a youth facing juvenile criminal charges.

The penalties for these crimes range from 30 days in jail to life imprisonment. A good legal defense from an experienced property crimes defense attorney is paramount to your freedom. We have experience with all types of property crimes.


What is a Property Crime?

The term property crime refers to a crime involving the theft or destruction of property, generally, but not always without the use or threat of force against the victim. It could include theft or destruction of money, goods, or something intangible, such as intellectual property. While property crime is an umbrella term for many charges, how each charge is dealt with can differ greatly – an experienced property crimes lawyer can help you wade through the charges and implications if you’re convicted. They can also help you establish a defense to get the charges dismissed or reduced.


The Role of a Property Crimes Lawyer

A property crimes lawyer in South Carolina helps you through the legal process. We also handle police brutality claims if you’ve been abused by the police while being arrested or in jail. They’ll

  • Ensure you understand the various charges that you may be facing and identify the appropriate defense.
  • Investigate the charges and help look for ways to assert all available legal defenses to the crime
  • Establish the actual value (or lack of value) in the item you’re accused of stealing. Many charges are tied to the value of the item(s).
  • Help you to establish a competent defense team so that you have proper representation and have the necessary information to be successful in court.

Types of Property Crimes


Stealing is generally classified as Larceny, but you may also be charged with Armed Robbery, Strong Armed Robbery, Shoplifting, Breach of Trust, Credit Card Theft, Burglary, or a host of other things. It is very important to make sure you know what you are charged with and that you are represented by someone who knows how to protect your rights. The difference between these charges can mean the difference between life imprisonment and thirty days in jail. If you are charged with a specific crime you should be able to find it on this website; regardless, call or email us today to learn more about your charges and to make sure that you have a myrtle beach property crimes defense lawyer who will protect your rights.

Breaking into an Automobile

Breaking into an Automobile is breaking into a motor vehicle of another. 16-13-160. It can also be breaking into the tank of a motor vehicle. Persons charged with this are punishable by up to 5 years in prison or $1,000 or both.

There are several possible defenses to this charge and it is a serious crime. A thorough investigation and defense are required in order to defend these charges. Contact The Lovely Law Firm if you have been charged with this crime.

Breach of Trust

Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent 16-13-220 Generally, Breach of trust is when someone uses the property of another person in an unlawful way. Any unlawful use may give rise to these charges. An example would be using someone’s credit card for more purchases than you were authorized. It could be using someone’s money for something that you were not authorized to purchase. For example, if you were given $20 to buy food for a neighbor and you instead bought a bottle of liquor and drank it, you may be guilty of breach of trust.

The Penalties vary based on the value of the property. If the breach of trust is for more than $1,000 the prison sentence can be as much as 5 years or maybe even 10 years. If you are charged with breach of trust, Call the Lovely Law Firm to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Credit Card Crimes-FTC THEFT FRAUD

If the police believe you have illegally used a credit card, you can be charged! The Lovely Law Firm can assist you in asserting your criminal defense. Did you have permission to use the card? Was it even you who used the card?. The police may charge you with Financial Identity Fraud, obtaining goods by false pretenses, larceny, or other criminal charges. You need someone who knows the law of property crimes to make sure the police do not take advantage of you. Justin Lovely and Amy Lawrence at the Lovely Law Firm can help defend you if you have been charged.


Forgery is not only signing someone else’s name to a check. It can also be counterfeiting, having someone else sign someone else’s name, or a number of other offenses. 16-13-10. Fraudulent use of food stamps 16-13-430 or falsely obtaining public housing 16-13-437. It can be a state or federal crime to illegally obtain or use government assistance. If you are charged with this crime it can have serious repercussions on whether or not you or your family ever receive assistance from the government again. You need to make sure you do not agree to anything without talking to a lawyer

Fraudulent Check Charges

This is a common crime in Horry County. It is far too easy to be arrested for this crime. Essentially, this is an allegation that you are refusing to pay on a check. Retailers and Store owners, are allowed to issue warrants for your arrest if you fail to pay on a check. In other words, you may bounce and check and not even be fully aware that it has not been paid, and a shopkeeper can have you arrested.

There are defenses to these cases and they need to be plead by an experienced property crimes attorney. More importantly, you need to make sure that this arrest is not permanently on your record where it could cause you serious complications in your future life. Contact the Lovely Law Firm today.


Larceny is the unlawful taking of another person’s property with the intent to permanently deprive them thereof. 16-13-30. There are two types of larceny: petit and grand. Petit larceny is stealing anything worth less than $1,000. Grand Larceny is stealing something worth more than $1,000.It is important to have your case evaluated and defended so that you are not charged with something you did not do. Many times victims will claim or believe their property is worth far more than it actually is. You need someone to represent you that will ensure your interests are upheld. Larceny may also be an improper charge depending on what you did. If you steal someone’s car with the intent to sell it to a chopshop, you may be guilty of larceny; however, if you simply go joyriding in a car, you might only be guilty of joyriding. It is important to have an attorney who understands the difference and is willing to fight for your rights if you are charged with this, or any other crime.

Malicious Injury to Property

Malicious Injury or Damage to Property is most commonly a South Carolina charge of vandalism. It is the intentional destruction or damage to someone else’s property. 16-11-510. There are two types of Malicious Injury. Malicious Injury to Personal Property and Malicious Injury to Real Property. 16-11-520. Real Property is real estate: someone’s house, apartment, or anything physically attached to the land such as a wall, driveway, trees, bushes or sheds. Personal property is anything that is not real property. Personal property can be anything of value.

Receiving Stolen Goods

Receiving Stolen Goods 16-13-180 is the possession of property of another with the knowledge or reason to believe that it is stolen. It is a misdemeanor if the value of the property is less than $1,000. If the value of the items is more than $1,000 the possible punishments are five years or even 10 years. Furthermore, if you are convicted of this or other property crimes, it can have serious repercussions if you are ever charged with another property crime. You need an attorney to make sure you are not wrongfully convicted and to make sure you are not charged with the wrong offense or an offense that could later destroy your life.


Shoplifting is the taking of property from a store without paying. It can also be changing prices on a piece of property before taking it to the register. 16-13-110. Shoplifting is a magistrates offense if the value of the item is $1,000 or less. The penalty is up to $500 and/or 30 days in jail. If the value of the item is more than $1,000 but less than $5,000 the penalty is a $1,000 fine and/or up-to 5 years in prison, and if the value if more than $5,000 the penalty is up to 10 years in prison. Shoplifting is a crime that can enhance punishment if you are convicted of shoplifting or other crimes in the future. It is important to defend this charge in Court. Furthermore, many stores have policies that improperly charge individuals with this crime and violate people’s rights. It is important to have someone to investigate and defend you that knows what they are doing.


Hiring a Property Crimes Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, you should find a lawyer who has experience representing those with criminal charges like theft, larceny, or burglary. Experience is a key component to hiring the right lawyer, as is communication. We recommend you check out the reviews past customers have left for us before you contact us. You’ll see we’re dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for your criminal case – and we have the track record to prove that.

I highly recommend the lovely law firm to anyone facing criminal charges throughout the Myrtle Beach area. I initially checked out 3 different attorneys in the area before going with the Lovely Law Firm. Through great work ethics, hard work, and dedication Amy and Jessica was able to get me impeccable results, pertaining to the charges. With their extensive knowledge and great communication, Amy kept me calm throughout the process. Most of all Amy put my interests first throughout everything. Amy is truly a great defense lawyer who isn’t afraid to go to court and will fight for you without backing down. I couldn’t be more pleased with your services. The best law firm in the MB area!

Doug S.


Your goal should be to clear up your criminal charges with no jail time or probation. A great criminal defense attorney can help you avoid a criminal record and/or a stay in jail. Trying to find work with a criminal record can be difficult, sometimes we can help you reduce the charge to something more favorable to your future, or help you be completely cleared of the charges.


As we stated, many property crimes in South Carolina are tied to the value of the alleged property that was stolen, it is quite possible that you or your loved on has been overcharged. It is also possible that no property crime was committed at all. Every case is different and we need to evaluate the facts to determine what the state can and cannot prove in your property crime case. We have handled many property crimes including shoplifting, petty larceny, grand larceny, and burglary charges. Whether it is a misdemeanor property crime carrying 30 days or a Burglary 1st degree where your life is at stake, we can defend you.

Let us evaluate your case and determine if we can mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.



Every case is different. Results vary.

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