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Tire Defect Lawsuits

Tire Defect Lawsuits

Tire Defect Lawsuits are filed when a defective tire causes a serious accident involving catastrophic injury or even death. These defects cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle resulting in the subsequent crash. Factors that we examine to see if there is a tire defect or if a tire otherwise caused the accident:

  1. The tread tears away from the carcass of the tire
  2. The belt tears away from the tire
  3. Driver or someone else reports a blowout
  4. The vehicles direction of travel suddenly changes
  5. Tire Scuffs on the vehicle or roadway.

It is important to preserve the vehicle immediately after the crash so that our investigators and tire defect expert have time to examine the case for a tire defect lawsuit. Often, insurance companies seek to move the involved vehicle to their storage yard or to an auto auction yard to be sold off for parts. The claim is over before it can start if we cannot secure the vehicle. We send a letter of preservation placing all parties on notice that a lawsuit will soon commence. If the case has merit to proceed with a tire defect lawsuit, we may even purchase the vehicle and store it in a location of our choosing in preparation for trial. Photos are taken of the accident scene as soon as possible. If we can prove a tire defect, another avenue of recovery opens up for the injured victim and his or her family. Not every case can go forward against a tire manufacturer, but when a case involves serious injury or wrongful death, we must leave no stone unturned. Call us today if you have been injured in an automobile accident. We can investigate your facts and crash scene and make a plan for your recovery. 843-839-4111

Every case is different. Results vary.

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