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Serving clients in Columbia, Lexington, and Richland, Justin M. Lovely is a personal injury lawyer located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Representing his clients for approximately 11 years, Mr. Lovely graduated from the Appalachian School of Law in 2009. He completed his Juris Doctor degree, and his merits promptly gained recognition from the Dean’s List.

Mr. Lovely was a former member of several legal societies and worked at the Knox County Public Defender’s Office before starting his South Carolina law firm. Sought after as a consultant on local television shows, Mr. Lovely has also answered legal questions from appreciative listeners on a local radio broadcast.

Legal peers recently elected Mr. Lovely as one of the Rising Stars from 2018 to 2021. In addition to recognition from other lawyers, a Rising Star must have recognizable achievements in the legal field. As an attorney specializing in car accidents, Mr. Lovely has won and settled many clients’ cases.

What The Lovely Law Firm Can Do For You

If you are the victim of a car wreck in Columbia, SC -The Lovely Law Firm will fight for you. We appreciate you as a client. Whether you reach a settlement agreement in or out of court, we are with you every step of the way. If you have a substantial injury, our car accident lawyer fights for your right to receive compensatory damages. If you are the loved one of someone who suffered a wrongful death caused by a car accident, we will discuss the possibility of filing a lawsuit. Contact our legal firm to ascertain whether you have a case against the negligent party.

When we accept you as our client, remember that we think of you as a member of our family. Treating you like family means that we care for you as a person who has hopes and dreams for their future. In our eyes, you are not just a client or a number. When we agree to represent you, we acknowledge our responsibility for your welfare. We respect you and care about your family’s needs. You are always our top priority.

We understand that an unexpected car accident may have caused you to lose your job and sole source of income. Our car accident lawyers will fight for you so that you have a chance to win your lawsuit. Once you win a settlement, you will have the money you need to take charge of your finances.

Monetary compensation provides you with additional funds to help you pay your medical bills, rent, or mortgage. A settlement compensates you for your pain and suffering, along with any other damages. You may not even need to appear in court or have a jury trial. We often settle lawsuits out of court, winning ample compensation for our clients who experienced injuries caused by car accidents.

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Different Types of Car Accidents

  1. Head-on Collision
    A head-on collision causing a car crash occurs when the front ends of two cars crash. Head-on collisions typically cause severe injuries or even death. Whether the collision causes severe injuries depends on how fast the vehicles are traveling before the event occurs. Catastrophic head-on injuries are prevalent in Lexington, Richland, and Columbia. In South Carolina, head-on collisions have occurred on both I-20 and I-26.
    Head-on collisions occur for many reasons. Driving a vehicle without getting enough sleep is a significant cause. Other causes include texting while driving and operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Some head-on collisions result from heavy rainfall, snowfall, or dangerous roads. Elderly drivers who are hard of hearing or have vision problems can also cause head-on collisions.
    If you suffer from a TBI, broken bones, internal bleeding, or other serious complications caused by a head-on collision, contact our legal firm today. Do not rely on an insurance claim. Insurance claims typically avoid paying full compensation for injuries. Our experienced car accident lawyer will fight for your legal rights.
    Although money can never compensate you for your injury or injuries, a settlement can ease your financial burden. Filing a lawsuit is easy when you work with our accomplished lawyer. Our attorney walks you through the paperwork and files all legal documents promptly.
  2. Rear-end Collisions
    Whiplash is the primary injury in a typical rear-end collision. A rear-end collision can also cause the victim to incur a spinal cord injury, broken bones, or even paralysis. If a rear-end collision has caused you to seek medical attention for one or more injuries, contact our office for your free consultation.
  3. T-bone Collisions
    A T-bone or broadside collision occurs at an intersection. In this type of car crash, a driver drives through a red light or stop sign. Additionally, a driver may fail to yield the right-of-way to your vehicle. If the front of another vehicle crashed into your car, a judge might determine that the driver was negligent. A T-bone collision can result in a concussion, broken ribs, or neck injury.
  4. Pile-ups
    If you were involved in a multi-vehicle pile-up, our car crash lawyer would decide which driver was guilty of negligence. If another driver caused you to suffer from a debilitating injury, you might have a legitimate case against the offending party. Contacting our office for a complimentary appointment is the first step in filing a lawsuit.

Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

Car accidents happen for many reasons. A person traveling long distances may continue to drive instead of pulling over to get some sleep. A driver may have just walked out of their favorite bar and had too much to drink. An individual may look down at their cell phone and cause a collision. A driver’s eyes may look away from the road for a few seconds before grabbing a sandwich. Sometimes, car accidents occur because of hazardous weather conditions. Driving in excessive fog can cause fatal motor vehicle crashes.

A road in need of repair work may cause drivers to have serious injuries. Most importantly, distracted driving is a significant cause of car accidents in Richland, Columbia, and Lexington. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that distracted drivers caused nearly 9% of United States fatalities in 2019. Per the NHTSA, distracted drivers cause approximately 20% of all injuries caused by car crashes.

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Different Roads Where Car Accidents Occur

Roads close to a person’s home cause the highest number of accidents. Car accidents often take place in parking lots and on rural roads. Crashes also occur in intersections, including I-20 and I-26. Numerous car wrecks take place during rush hour traffic on busy streets. Some of these accidents result in fatalities.

Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Car crashes encompass a wide array of injuries. Car accident victims may suffer from broken bones or rib cages. A person involved in a car crash can incur a severe spinal cord injury causing partial or complete paralysis. Back injuries are not always treatable and may lead to unemployment. A person with a TBI caused by a car wreck may remain in a coma for several days.

Sometimes, a TBI victim does not awake from the coma and dies an untimely death. A TBI victim who is lucky enough to survive may suffer from severe short-term memory problems for the rest of their life. Cognitive issues can prevent a TBI victim from finding gainful employment and may cause the person to have a permanent disability.

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Why Do You Need a Law Firm?

If a car wreck caused your injury, you might think you do not need a law firm. Well-meaning friends and relatives may have told you that all you need to do is contact the negligent party’s insurance agency. Nevertheless, an insurance agent is not going to offer your full compensation for your incurred damages. The Lovely Law Firm is not an insurance company. Our personal injury attorney looks at all the legal aspects of your case and determines who was at fault. Our attorney decides whether negligence caused your car accident.

The Lovely Law Firm is the place to go if a car crash caused your injury. Bring us the facts of your case, including photographs, police reports, hospital bills, and medical records. You are not charged a fee for your initial consultation. My name is Justin M. Lovely, and I believe in my motto that “justice is lovely.” If you have injuries caused by a car accident, justice can make a positive impact for the rest of your life.

A substantial lawsuit settlement means that you no longer need to worry about having enough money to pay for groceries, utility bills, and hospital bills. If you did not have savings or investments before your accident occurred, compensatory damages could help you gain control of your financial situation. Call The Lovely Law Firm today to find out if you have a case. Our law firm will stand with you throughout the entire legal process and strive our best to win your lawsuit. Feel free to make an appointment today with our personal injury attorney.

Not in Columbia? We serve many areas in South Carolina. Get in touch with one of our experienced car accident lawyers in Myrtle Beach, car accident lawyers in Florence, car accident lawyers in North Charleston, or car accident lawyers in Murrells Inlet.

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