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Simple Possession of Marijuana in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach Simple Possession of Marijuana Lawyers

Drug possession is a serious crime, you can be charged at the state level as well as the federal level. The nature of the charges brought against you for drug possession depends upon several factors. The most important factors being what kind of drug and how much you are in possession of. Possession of a small amount may be deemed simple possession while possession of a larger amount may be deemed possession with intent to distribute.

In South Carolina, simple possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor charge and has a penalty of up to 30 days in jail and a fine that ranges between $100 and $200 dollars. The penalties can increase for simple possession if you are facing drug charges for the second or third time.  For a second time offense, you may face jail time of up to 1 year in prison. For simple possession of marijuana, you are in possession of no more than 28 grams of marijuana. To be convicted of simple possession, you must either be intentionally or negligently manufacturing, creating, distributing, dispensing, delivering, purchasing, aiding, or abetting or attempting to do any of the following mentioned above.

Simple Possession of Marijuana In South Carolina


In South Carolina, if you are in possession of more than 28 grams of marijuana, the law presumes you are in possession and have the intent to distribute that drug. Therefore, you may be charged with the greater felony crime of possession with intent to distribute.  If convicted, you may face up to 25 years in prison and fines of up to $25,000.

Myrtle Beach police are cracking down on illegal drug use. As you can see, these charges are not taken lightly; you may face fines, imprisonment, and suspension of your driver’s license for your involvement with the use of marijuana. Also, both misdemeanor and felony drug charges become part of your criminal record. Hiring experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Lovely Law Firm could mean the difference between you getting or not getting a job.

When determining your fate, your local judge is going to look at the amount of marijuana you were in possession of, prior drug offenses, and the evidence against you.  The Lovely Law Firm is experienced at handling marijuana and other drug related offenses. It is in your best interest to allow the team at the Lovely Law Firm to study your case and present it to the proper court in South Carolina. The Lovely Law Firm will be able to determine what defenses best suit your case. Specific defenses that may be available for your case include: entrapment, tampering of the evidence, search and seizure violations, and lack of evidence.

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