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Common Injuries with Nurses/Healthcare near you in Myrtle Beach

As we bestow nurses and healthcare workers with the crucial responsibility of facilitating our recovery and shepherding us toward wellness, we often disregard the fact that they, too, are susceptible to injuries. The stark truth is brought to light by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reported a staggering 78,740 instances of nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses among registered nurses in the private industry in 2020, prompting the need for at least one day away from work. This statistic poignantly underscores that the very individuals on whom we rely for care can find a place among the ranks of patients.

What’s more, a distressing revelation emerges—every one in four nurses has encountered some form of workplace abuse. Remarkably, the peril of healthcare workers facing violence surpasses even the risk faced by prison guards or police officers. The narratives that nurses share unveil a disheartening panorama, shedding light on the harsh and disconcertingly frequent challenges they endure. Recognizing the sacrifices of these dedicated professionals becomes a pressing obligation, demanding that we ardently advocate for their well-being with the same fervor that they exhibit in championing ours.

Equally crucial is the awareness among nurses and healthcare workers that they possess the right to seek compensation for injuries sustained while on the job. In such instances, it’s advisable for victims to reach out to a seasoned and committed nursing injury lawyer at The Lovely Law Firm. Our team can provide valuable assistance in both the pursuit of compensation and the safeguarding of their legal rights.

Occupational Injuries Common Among Nurses Near Myrtle Beach, SC

The healthcare sector in the U.S. employs a workforce of over 18 million individuals, with a significant majority—approximately 80%—being women, as data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows. These dedicated professionals encounter an array of hazards in their daily responsibilities. Strikingly, the CDC’s findings underscore that incidents of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses are more prevalent within the healthcare workforce compared to any other industry sector. This highlights the severity of healthcare work-related injuries.


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Sprains & Strains Are The Most Common Nursing Injury

Spanning a diverse range of roles, from home care aides to registered nurses to orderlies, the healthcare field shares a common thread of risk that heightens the potential for on-the-job injuries. Among these risks, sprains and strains emerge as the most commonly reported injuries among healthcare workers, as indicated by data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Nurse back injury statistics often show that the most affected areas are the shoulders and lower back, stemming from the physically demanding nature of patient care tasks. As per the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses encounter over 35,000 work-related back and musculoskeletal injuries annually, of a severity that hinders their ability to continue working.

Slipped Discs

Additionally, the intricate mechanics involved in transferring or lifting patients can lead to slipped discs—a condition in which the soft tissue supporting spinal bones becomes damaged. Nurse injury from lifting patients is very common in the healthcare industry. The strain and pressure placed on the spinal discs during these actions can result in their displacement. Given the physically demanding nature of these tasks, healthcare workers are at a heightened risk of experiencing slipped discs. This underscores the significance of adhering to correct body mechanics and employing preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of such injuries.

Blood & Airborne Illnesses

The intimate patient contact that characterizes healthcare work introduces another significant risk: exposure to bloodborne infectious diseases. According to the CDC, needlestick incidents substantially increase the likelihood of transmitting bloodborne pathogens like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, or C.

Persistent concerns about infections in healthcare settings arise from exposure to airborne pathogens or contact with bodily fluids like mucus and waste. Tragically, the healthcare profession isn’t immune to workplace violence, often culminating in broken bones due to confrontational situations.

Head Injuries

Furthermore, the potential danger of head injuries looms, stemming from slip-and-fall accidents as well as confrontational situations involving patients or colleagues, which are common scenarios leading to these injuries. The combination of bustling workspaces, unpredictable patient behaviors, and the urgent nature of medical care can increase the risk of head injuries for healthcare professionals.

COVID-19 & Long COVID-19

Nurses and healthcare workers confront a distinctive array of challenges concerning their susceptibility to COVID-19 exposure. Their close interactions with infected patients and the essential nature of providing direct care frequently place them at risk of virus transmission. Despite rigorous safety protocols, the possibility of contracting COVID-19 remains a notable concern.

Furthermore, the emergence of “long COVID” introduces an added layer of intricacy. Healthcare professionals who have battled the virus may grapple with extended symptoms that impact their overall health. These persistent effects can significantly impede their capacity to fulfill their roles effectively. These effects can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Respiratory Complications
  • Cognitive limitations

The persistent threat of COVID-19 infection and the potential for enduring repercussions emphasizes the danger that healthcare workers face and the crucial need for comprehensive support, preventive strategies, and access to suitable medical care for nurses and healthcare workers.

Who Is Liable For Nursing Injuries Near Myrtle Beach?

When nurses or healthcare workers experience on-the-job injuries, the responsibility to prove negligence usually doesn’t rest on them, unless their workers’ compensation claim is denied or the injury is caused by someone unrelated to their employer. This is due to the fact that individuals are not allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit against their employers. Therefore, workers’ compensation falls into place to provide financial relief for the injuries sustained by the nurse or healthcare worker.

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Workers’ Compensation For Nursing Injuries Near Myrtle Beach, SC

The workers’ compensation system in South Carolina serves as a crucial safety net for employees, including nurses and healthcare workers, who encounter injuries or illnesses while on the job. This system provides essential benefits that encompass coverage for medical expenses and a portion of the income that may be lost due to varying degrees of temporary or permanent disability. While the process of securing workers’ compensation benefits might appear straightforward, the reality can be quite different.

In the healthcare sector, insurance companies often representing employers seek to safeguard their financial interests by minimizing claims payouts. This can lead to attempts at denying benefits under the pretext that the worker’s injury or illness is not work-related or that its severity is less than claimed. In certain instances, individuals filing claims or appealing denied claims might even face retaliatory actions.

If you’re a healthcare worker dealing with the pains of the workers’ compensation process, the importance of securing legal representation cannot be overstated. An attorney can play a pivotal role in preserving your rights. Through partnerships with medical and vocational experts, our nursing injury attorneys can establish your legitimate entitlement to compensation and diligently work towards securing the rightful benefits you deserve. This guarantees that injured healthcare workers receive the essential support required for their recovery while adeptly navigating the intricate pathways of the workers’ compensation process.

Contact us at The Lovely Law Firm, where our nursing injury lawyers are dedicated to assisting nurses and healthcare workers in their workers’ compensation claims. We’re here to provide the guidance needed to ensure that you receive the proper support and compensation as you navigate the complexities of your case.

Determining Liability For Nursing Injuries In Personal Injury Lawsuit For Third Parties Near South Carolina

When you face an injury while on the job as a healthcare worker or nurse, it’s important to note that you generally cannot sue your employer. However, there is an avenue for seeking legal recourse if another party is responsible for your injury. For instance, if you were assaulted by a patient’s family member while providing care, you might be able to hold the individual accountable through a personal injury lawsuit, which is commonly referred to as a third-party personal injury claim.

Engaging in a personal injury lawsuit can offer the potential for higher compensation compared to workers’ compensation benefits. This is due to the fact that personal injury claims can encompass damages for pain and suffering, a compensation aspect not present in workers’ compensation claims.

If you’re a healthcare worker or nurse seeking recourse after an injury, it’s crucial to prove that the defendant’s negligence or intentional actions led to your harm. Establishing this vital aspect could secure the compensation you rightfully deserve, covering the wide spectrum of physical, emotional, and financial burdens resulting from your injuries. Should you be contemplating a personal injury claim, connecting with a seasoned nursing injury lawyer in Myrtle Beach is pivotal to navigating this intricate legal journey successfully. Reach out to a nursing injury lawyer at The Lovely Law Firm for adept assistance in pursuing compensation, establishing liability, and ensuring your rights are protected throughout this complex process.

How A Nursing Injury Lawyer Near Me Can Help

A nursing injury lawyer from The Lovely Law Firm is a dedicated advocate for nurses and healthcare workers who have suffered injuries on the job. We understand the unique challenges and demands of the healthcare industry and are committed to supporting those who tirelessly care for others. Our team assists injured nurses by helping them file workers’ compensation claims, ensuring they receive the financial support they deserve during their recovery.

In cases where third-party liability may be involved, our nursing injury lawyers will diligently pursue legal action to hold responsible parties accountable and seek compensation for any healthcare work-related injuries. Beyond legal matters, we prioritize your well-being by ensuring you receive the best healthcare possible to facilitate an optimal recovery. At The Lovely Law Firm, we are here to protect your rights, provide beneficial legal guidance, and help you navigate the complexities of the legal system so that you can focus on your healing and return to the profession you love.

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