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Injured Due to the Negligence of Others?

Injured in an Accident?

Have you been involved in a personal injury accident in Myrtle Beach? Are you wondering what your remedies at law are? If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, you may be able to recover compensatory, nominal and/or punitive damages. Your attorney at the Lovely Law Firm will be able to determine what remedies best suit your specific case.

Personal injury damages allow for the recovery of tangible and intangible losses. Tangible losses include medical expenses, lost earnings, lost wages, loss of future earnings and earning power. Intangible losses include pain and suffering, disfigurement and disability, and emotional/mental distress.

One of the key areas where plaintiffs seek to recover money damages is in the realm of tangible loss. Where a party has been injured, they typically seek reimbursement for medical expenses spent. For a personal injury plaintiff to recover for medical expenses, he must show that the services were reasonably necessary and caused by defendant’s negligence. If the plaintiff is able to meet the burden of proof, he will be entitled to recover the reasonable value of the medical services. This does not mean he will be entitled to the amount he paid for the medical services. The jury will look to a number of factors to decide what the reasonable value of the medical services is.

The jury also has discretion to determine the amount of damages in awarding for intangible loss such as pain and suffering. Here, again, the plaintiff has the burden of proof, the plaintiff must establish she consciously suffered pain and suffering at the hands of the defendant. The jury may allow for future pain and suffering in the award of damages as well as long as it is reasonably certain to occur.

The Lovely Law Firm will fight to ensure you get the damage award you so deserve for your personal injuries. South Carolina has no set formula for determining a damage award in personal injury cases. Thus, choosing the right attorney to represent you could mean the difference between a small award and a large award of damages. Contact your Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Attorney today at 843-839-4111 for a Free Case Evaluation.

Every case is different. Results vary.

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