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Hit-and-Run Accident Causes Injuries in Horry County

Hit-and-Run Accident Causes Injuries in Horry County

A hit-and-run accident in Horry County caused sent one individual to the hospital with serious injuries early Wednesday morning. The collision, which occurred around 2:45 a.m., involved a pickup truck and a Ford Mustang, which fled the scene. Robert Todd, the driver of the Mustang, was located soon after the accident and was placed under arrest, with charges of hit-and-run, disorderly conduct, and reckless driving. Todd has since been released on bond.

Damages Recoverable in Hit-and-Run Accidents

When filing a lawsuit for a hit-and-run accident, a plaintiff can recover the same compensatory damages that are available in other forms of car accidents. Such damages include:

  • Medical expenses (including hospital stays, prescription medication, and rehabilitation, along with any ongoing and future medical care that is needed because of the accident)
  • Pain and suffering (including pain experienced during the accident and any ongoing pain that will likely be experienced as a result of injuries from the accident)
  • Emotional distress (including depression, anxiety, fear, and insomnia)
  • Lost wages (including income that was lost as a result of injuries suffered, and potential future earnings that were diminished because of the accident)
  • Loss of enjoyment (including day-to-day activities such as hobbies and exercise)
  • Loss of consortium (including loss of companionship or relationship as a result of injuries caused by the accident)

What distinguishes a hit-and-run case from other types of personal injury cases is the strong likelihood of recovering punitive damages from the at-fault party. A victim in an automobile accident can recover punitive damages when the at-fault driver’s behavior was especially reprehensible. Such damages are meant to punish the driver and reduce the likelihood that such behavior will occur in the future.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: An Overview

In a typical personal injury case, the injured person files a claim against the at-fault driver. When a hit-and-run accident occurs and the driver cannot be located, however, an individual can still recover for bodily injury and property damage by filing a claim under the uninsured motorist provision of his or her own insurance policy. Such coverage is intended to compensate a victim for medical bills and damages incurred when an at-fault driver is either uninsured or cannot be located. In essence, the victim in a hit-and-run case is filing a personal injury claim against his or her own insurance company. A settlement is then negotiated between the insurance company and the injured party.

Don’t Wait—Call Today!

When filing an uninsured motorist claim, time is of the essence. The timeframe for such claims to be filed differs with each insurance company, but is very limited—in some cases, the deadline to file such a claim is as little as 30 days.

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