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Estimate the Maximum Value of Your Workers Compensation Claim

Estimate the Maximum Value of Your Workers Compensation Claim

Workers compensation is generally triggered when you are injured at work. Simply enter the date of your job injury and how much you make per week to determine your compensation rate.  Then choose your injured body parts.

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YOUR FINAL AWARD IS SUBJECT TO YOUR IMPAIRMENT RATING TO EACH SCHEDULED BODY PART FROM YOUR AUTHORIZED TREATING PHYSICIAN & POTENTIAL SECOND OPINIONS and/or INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EVALUATIONS, LOSS OF USE OF BODY PARTS, SPECIFIC JOB DUTIES, EMPLOYMENT HISTORY, FINAL DISABILITY DETERMINATION & OTHER FACTORS.  WE UNDERSTAND THE FACTORS THAT CAN INCREASE and/or DECREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIM. Information on this website is not legal advice. Reviewing the information on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship with the law firm. No fee if no recovery. Injury cases are handled on a contingency fee calculated before expenses from gross recovery. Costs are paid by the client regardless of outcome. Cases will be handled by lawyers who primarily practice out of our offices in Myrtle Beach at 1053 London St. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. The attorney who will represent you is primarily based in Myrtle Beach, but they or a representative will travel to meet with you anywhere in the state. Any result the endorsed law firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients. Please understand that no attorney can ethically guarantee a result in any case. The content of this webpage should not create any expectation that our firm will obtain similar results in your case. Your case has its own unique set of facts and circumstances. No two cases are alike and you should call us for a free consultation at 843-839-4111 regarding your specific factual scenario.

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation

Workers compensation is generally triggered when you are injured at work.  In South Carolina you are entitled to compensation if you are hurt on the job.  There are several questions that run through the injured worker’s mind when he is hurt on the job.  Who will pay my medical bills?  Will I be fired? Will I receive temporary compensation while I treat? 

The workers comp team of injury lawyers at The Lovely Law Firm developed this calculator to try and allow the injured worker a chance to estimate the value of his or her claim.  The workers compensation system is difficult to navigate and several pitfalls exist that can damage your claim.  There are also several things you can do to help yourself maximize your claim and get the money you deserve.

Give The Lovely Law Firm a call at 843-839-4111 to discuss your rights when hurt at work.  843-839-4111

How does workers comp work?

In South Carolina, any employer hiring at least four employees must have Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage. Workers’ Comp insurance cost is affordable, so the premiums are not an issue. Employees include full-time adult workers and part-time minors. Workers’ Compensation insurance also covers seasonal workers. A sole proprietor in South Carolina is not required to obtain Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage. But a sole proprietor is legally permitted to have Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Furthermore, some employees are not covered by Workers’ Compensation, including railroad employees, real estate agents working on a commission basis and agricultural workers. Employers with minimal payrolls are not legally obligated to have Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage in South Carolina. Consequently, you may not have access to Workers’ Compensation benefits if you work for a small company with an equally sparse payroll.

Workers’ Compensation Rights 

Whether you live in South Carolina or another state within the United States, you have specific Workers’ Compensation insurance rights. In 1908, the United States Congress approved the Workers’ Compensation Act for all federal employees. Since that time, every state has developed its own rules governing Workers’ Compensation regulations. These rules explicate Workers’ Compensation rights for employees and legal requirements for employers.

Workers’ Compensation requirements 

If you have an accident at work, monetary compensation can help you survive until you are back on your feet. Any injury taking place at work merits a free consultation with a local Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney. Before you let your employer know that you experienced an injury at work, make sure you and your employer satisfy all eligibility requirements. Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim in South Carolina is an easy process provided that your employer has a Workmen Compensation policy. In addition, you must work as an employee for the company. Plus, your injury must have been caused by something related to your job or the workplace. Another rule that applies to how to get Workers’ Comp is that you are required to notify your employer. In addition, you must file a claim within the legal time limits.

How to report a work-related injury

If you are injured in the workplace, you must file according to the Workers’ Comp claim process. In South Carolina, you need to report an accident at work within 90 days of the injury date. Otherwise, you forfeit your legal right to benefit from Accident-at- Work Compensation. Reporting an injury means that you must report the incident in writing. A written explanation informs your supervisor that you were injured at work.

You have the right to see a physician at your employer’s expense. However, you must receive treatment from a doctor appointed by your employer. Your employer’s insurance agency is responsible for all medical bills related to the injury. After seeing a doctor, your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage kicks in. But you still have two years to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. Filing a timely claim enables you to receive benefits within a short period. Procrastinating is not going to benefit your financial situation. If you are unable to work because of your injury, contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney in Myrtle Beach now.

Is there a personal injury lawyer near me? 

Yes, there is a personal injury lawyer near you. However, you are not permitted to file a Workers’ Compensation lawsuit against a business located in South Carolina. Instead, you can file a claim against a third party who was directly responsible for your injury. Many incidents are caused by individuals who do not work for a business. A civil case filed against a third party may include a supervisor who is an independent contractor, a company that manufactured defective equipment, a driver or a public utilities company. You have the right to file a third-party accident claim that occurred in the workplace if a personal injury lawyer agrees to accept you as a client.

How does Workers’ Comp work? 

If you are employed in South Carolina, you have the right to file a claim. If eligible, you may receive monetary compensation as part of the Workers’ Compensation program. Plus, you are also entitled to receive free medical care related to your accident. If you were injured at work, you do not need to provide any evidence that your employer was responsible for your injury. The law in South Carolina stipulates that there is no burden of proof for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. The main requirement to apply for Workers’ Compensation is to show that your injury or medical condition took place at work. Other Workers’ Compensation requirements include filing a claim and making sure your paperwork is filed according to the state’s mandated time limit.

Workers’ Compensation benefits 

Whether you live in South Carolina or another state, you have specific federal Workers’ Compensation rights. In 1908, the United States Congress approved the Workers’ Compensation Act. The act was originally intended to cover injuries incurred by federal employees. Since that time, every state now has its own rules governing Workers’ Compensation regulations. These regulations explicate the rights of employees and employers.

Living and working in South Carolina provides you with the assurance that you are covered if your injury occurs in the workplace. Whether you work in an office, grocery store or warehouse, you are entitled to receive benefits for lost wages while you are recuperating from your injury. Workers’ Compensation also provides money for your medical treatments, including prescribed medications, surgical procedures and physical therapy sessions.

If your work-related injury caused a permanent disability, Workers’ Compensation provides you with money so that you can pay your bills and buy groceries when you are unable to work. A serious disability may entitle you to receive up to 500 weeks of compensation. If your injury caused you to become paralyzed or to incur a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you may have the legal right to receive compensation for the rest of your life. If you are injured at work, consult with an attorney to find out whether you can sue.

Workers’ Compensation settlements 

Once your Workers’ Compensation claim is approved, expect to wait approximately one to two months before you receive monetary compensation. The settlement amount is calculated according to your circumstances. Your compensation depends on the amount of time in which you are unable to work, money owed for medical bills and lost wages. If you have an attorney, your lawyer will estimate the settlement award. Two different kinds of Workers’ Compensation settlements are available in South Carolina. The first type is a Clincher agreement. The second type is a Form 16A settlement.

Whether you qualify for a Clincher agreement or a Form 16A settlement is up to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. If you are working with a lawyer, you do not need to have a court hearing. If you do not hire an attorney, you are required to participate in an informal hearing. A commissioner in charge of the informal hearing studies the details of your settlement. The commissioner then decides whether it is a just settlement that favors your personal circumstances.

How can I find a Workers’ Comp attorney near me? 

If you want a better chance of success, you should hire a Workers’ Comp attorney near your home. Your attorney understands South Carolina Workers’ Compensation regulations and will try to get the best settlement that meets with your requirements. One way to find Workers’ Comp lawyers near you is to do an online search. You do not need to pay any money for your initial consultation. If you live near Myrtle Beach, you can locate a Workers’ Comp lawyer in Myrtle Beach without any difficulties.

Myrtle Beach car accident attorney 

In addition to helping you file a Workers’ Compensation claim, a Myrtle Beach car accident attorney can also assist you in filing a personal injury lawsuit. In either case, working with a lawyer gives you the assurance that you have a chance of reaching an agreeable settlement award.

Workers’ Compensation law firm 

Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim in Myrtle Beach is an easy process. You can either file a claim on your own or seek out the help of an experienced lawyer at a nearby Workers’ Compensation law firm. If you are permanently disabled because of an injury incurred at work, it is in your best interest to contact a Workers’ Compensation law firm right away. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission will review the details of your case and make a decision about your settlement award. A Workers’ Comp lawyer in Myrtle Beach works with you so that you have access to your full legal rights.

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