Elements Of A Collision – What Makes Motor Vehicle Accidents So Dangerous?

Elements Of A Collision – What Makes Motor Vehicle Accidents So Dangerous?

To better understand the science behind motor vehicle collisions, it’s important to address the concerning number of injuries resulting from car accidents in South Carolina. In 2020, South Carolina recorded a staggering 2,196 serious injuries in car accidents, along with over 30,000 non-serious injury accidents. Despite continuous efforts to design safer vehicles, this raises the fundamental question of why car accidents continue to cause so many injuries.

Newton’s third law, which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, comes into play when dissecting the elements of a collision. When two vehicles collide, the force generated by the impact must go somewhere, and that often translates into kinetic energy being transferred to the occupants. This energy can lead to severe injuries, especially when not adequately managed by safety features and responsible driving practices. So how does this energy transfer occur during a motor vehicle collision?

Knowledge about the dynamics of car accidents is vital not only for appreciating the importance of safe driving but also for comprehending the intricate science behind these incidents, empowering us to take steps to reduce their frequency and severity.

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What Actions Make Up A Car Crash?

There are three primary scientific elements at the core of a collision. Understanding these elements is essential for appreciating the complex dynamics of motor vehicle collisions and the importance of safety and responsible driving practices in mitigating their potential risks.

Element 1. First Contact With Another Vehicle Or Object

The first element in a motor vehicle collision is the moment of contact between two vehicles, objects, or a vehicle and a person on the roadway. This marks the beginning of a collision, and it’s at this very instant that forces start to develop between these objects. Whether the collision is caused by your actions or those of another driver, the fundamental science behind these accidents remains unchanged.

For instance, when a car is traveling at 60 mph and is struck by an oncoming vehicle, Newton’s third law comes into play. It’s essential to recognize that when a car is moving at 60 mph or any other speed, the individuals within the car are also traveling at that same speed. When this fast-moving vehicle makes contact with another object, such as another vehicle, the force generated is significant.

Element 2. Maximum Amount Of Force Is Exerted

The second critical element in a motor vehicle collision unfolds as the collision progresses from the initial contact to the point of maximum engagement. During this progression, the forces at play undergo a dynamic evolution. When two objects, like vehicles, collide, the impact initiates a series of events.

  1. First, there’s the phase of penetration and the gradual increase of force as the vehicles draw closer.
  2. At the moment of maximum engagement with a fixed object, such as another vehicle or an obstacle, a sudden stop occurs, bringing both the striking vehicle and the object it hits to the same speed: zero.

However, the aftermath of this collision is far from static. Due to the inherent elasticity of the materials comprising the vehicle, the struck vehicle will experience a rebound effect. This means that, for an instant, the vehicle moves backward, leading to a decrease in penetration and force, and an increase in velocity in the opposite direction.

This complex interplay between the two vehicles in a collision results in a deceleration of the vehicles involved in the collision. It’s important to note that motor vehicle bodies have minimal elasticity, which means that the rebound or restitution effect after maximum engagement is almost negligible. Understanding these intricate mechanics helps shed light on why motor vehicle collisions can have such severe consequences and underlines the need for safety measures and responsible driving practices.

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Element 3. Separation Or Stopping Of Vehicles

The third critical element in motor vehicle collisions is what happens after the initial impact. At this point, two possible scenarios emerge:

  1. The vehicles either separate
  2. They remain engaged

If the vehicles or other objects involved remain engaged, an interesting principle comes into play – the force between the colliding objects eventually reaches zero. When vehicles are entangled, and their motion relative to each other ceases, the forces that were at play during the collision dissipate, often leaving behind a significant amount of deformation, primarily in the form of vehicle damage.

This phase of the collision marks the point where the kinetic energy that was once propelling the vehicles forward is absorbed and converted into damage, underlining the intricate science and mechanics that drive the outcomes of motor vehicle collisions. Understanding this phase is vital for comprehending the extent of damage and potential injuries that may result from a collision, reinforcing the importance of safety measures and responsible driving practices to mitigate the severity of such incidents.

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