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Defective Guardrail Lawsuits

Defective Guardrail Lawsuits

Defective guardrails may play a role in your auto accident recovery. End terminals on guardrails have design defects that cause significant injuries and even death. The Trinity ET-Plus and X-Lite guardrails have design defects. The ET-plus fails by piercing or overturning the vehicle. The X-Lite is known to have a poor performance record as well with similar issue causing serious injuries and deaths. Properly designed terminals are designed to absorb the impact of a crash and allow the vehicle to ride down the guardrail instead of piercing the vehicle. If this has happened in your wreck, our team of investigators need to examine the crash scene as soon a possible to determine if there is a case against the manufactures.

What factors must be evaluated to determine if I have a guardrail claim?

  • What part of the car first hit the strike plate of the end terminal?
  • The angle of the impact
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Size and Weight of the vehicle involved.

Accident reconstruction experts can review this data with your attorney to make a decision if there is a viable products liability claim against the manufactures of the defective guardrail system.

As you make your daily drives you may have noticed cities and state agencies already replacing guardrail systems. These real safety concerns have forced these replacements, but faulty guardrails are still found in some roads and highways. In any serious injury or wrongful death claim, we must examine if the guardrails played a role in the injury. If you think you may have a claim call us to discuss 843-839-4111

Every case is different. Results vary.

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