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Criminal Defense Lawyer In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Criminal Domestic Violence Lawyers in Myrtle Beach are required with a Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) charge. Have you been charged with a CDV or criminal domestic violence in Myrtle Beach or Conway? A simple dispute could snowball into an argument and then may or may not become physical. Alcohol consumption is almost always a factor, but when the police are called, the police often arrest first and let the Court sort it out in order to protect potential victims of domestic violence. The defendant is then brought before a judge to have his or her bond set and given a date for CDV Court.

Criminal Domestic Violence charges carry severe criminal penalties in South Carolina. If convicted of criminal domestic violence in Myrtle Beach or Conway, a person will never be able to carry a handgun under the current laws, jail time is possible, high fines and costs, as well as anger management classes. No contact orders are put in place upon a bond being set and this fact keeps families apart while the case is pending. These charges are quasi-felony charges that must be aggressively defended with an experienced Myrtle Beach CDV lawyer. Individuals often find themselves charged with CDV’s in Myrtle Beach or Conway even when they are the victim.

Criminal Domestic Violence Lawyers in Myrtle Beach
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If you have been charged with a CDV or related assault charge, contact the Lovely Law Firm to have your case evaluated by an attorney. The firm utilizes a team approach to CDV defense, beginning with a thorough investigation of the facts. Attorney Amy Lawrence usually takes first chair when the defendant is a male and Attorney Justin M. Lovely handles the female clients. Call us today at 843-839-4111 to begin your CDV defense.

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