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Consultation FAQS

What You Should Ask In Your Consultation

If you are considering hiring a lawyer to help you with your issue, then you will want to schedule a consultation with a potential attorney to discuss your case. There are a few questions that you will always want to ask your attorney.

How long have you practiced law?

If you have an extremely complicated case, you may want an attorney who has practiced law for years, or even decades. Many legal problems, however, can easily be handled by attorneys with only a few years’ experience or even by those who are newly licensed. The required level of experience can be discussed during your consultation.

What types of cases does your firm take?

You will want to hire an attorney that works in a firm which handles the types of case that you need help with. The Lovely Law Firm primarily works with criminal defense and personal injury cases such as workers’ compensation, DUI defense, medical malpractice, and car accident cases.

Have you represented clients in cases that are similar to mine?

If you have a complicated case, then you will want an attorney who has handled cases such as yours before. If you have a relatively routine case, however, such as a simple car accident, then an attorney with experience in car accidents will likely be able to help you, regardless of whether he or she has handled a case that is identical to yours.

What are your fees, and how do you bill clients?

It is obviously important to know whether you will be able to afford your attorney. Be sure to ask whether these fees will be hourly, contingent (based on whether you win your case), or will require a retainer, which acts as a sort of down payment from which litigation costs are deducted from.

What are the chances of winning my case?

Although a lawyer can never be certain about whether or not he will win your case, he may be able to tell you whether the odds are in your favor to win. If you have a lot of negative facts working against you, then your attorney should be able to tell you whether you still have a chance at winning your claim.

Are there any alternatives to going to trial?

Oftentimes, there are ways to solve your problem that don’t involve going to trial. Settling with a party out of court can be less expensive and less time consuming than fighting the case all the way to trial.

How will I be able to communicate with you?

When hiring an attorney, communication is a crucial aspect of forming a solid attorney-client relationship. Be sure to ask how often you will be able to communicate with your lawyer and whether it will be through email, phone calls, or some other method of communication.

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