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What to Expect When You Talk With Us

When you take the first step and call our office, you will be greeted by a member of our intake team. We understand that this is a stressful time for you and that you probably have never had to go through this before. Our experienced car accident attorneys will take care of everything. We fully and actively listen to your story. We ask the relevant questions and let you know our initial thoughts of the case. If your case meets our initial intake criteria, we have the technology available to send you an e-sign intake packet in order to get started on your case immediately. Or, if you prefer, we can schedule an in person consultation and finish intake in our office located at 1053 London St. You will become best friends with my injury paralegals as they help the attorneys work up the evidence needed to maximize your case value.

We are not here to pressure you in any way. The insurance company is already doing that. If you need to speak with a lawyer before you make your decision, we will make ourselves available to you often during that initial phone call.

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    What can the Lovely Law Firm do for me?

    If you have a claim and decide to work with our law firm my injury team gets to work on your case immediately.

    The first thing we do is obtain your full accident report from the SCDMV. This report will have the full officer details of your accident as well as diagrams and witness contact information. Our injury paralegals contact both the at-fault insurance providers as well as first party insurance providers to set the claims up the day after we are retained.

    The firm utilizes the experience of two investigators. One is a retired detective from the Raleigh, NC police department. Our second investigator is a former special forces officer who is now retired in the Myrtle Beach area. These two team members gather the information we already have and make a plan to gather additional information we may need.

    My injury paralegals will help you get your treatment set up. We have had experiences with most doctors in the area and know who will provide the best treatment for your injuries. We even have doctors who can provide care if you do not have health insurance.

    We go ahead and request your emergency room medical records and bills since you will more than likely not go back to the E.R. When we get these, this allows us to get an initial overview of the injuries immediately after the accident.

    When you are done treating or a doctor says you are as good as you will get, we begin to request your medical records and bills. We deep dive into the records to look for the notations the doctor has made in regards to your treatment and injuries sustained from the crash. We sometimes even have a third party doctor review your medical records to see if anything is missing or if additional treatment would help your case.

    When your records and bills are received and your treatment is completed, the attorneys prepare you a demand package to begin negotiations with the at-fault insurance company. After a few rounds of back and forth, we have a pretty good idea whether a case can settle or if we need to file a lawsuit. We present everything to you and go over every offer made line by line, giving you our thoughts on what is in your best interests.

    If the case settles, great! If not, we file a lawsuit. We hold your hand and prosecute your case as far as you are willing to go to get the justice you deserve.

    Common Questions


    What if I don’t want to hire a lawyer?

    Sometimes, you may not want to hire a lawyer or may even not need a lawyer. While I would love to help, sometimes your case facts do not justify the attorney’s fees and costs associated with bringing a case to settlement. All lawyers know how to differentiate these types of cases and will give you a genuine opinion on whether we can help you. If our team cannot help, we don’t take on the case. Period.

    If you don’t feel like we can help or that you don’t need a lawyer, we will still answer your questions and will be here when you need us down the road. We strive to be your trusted legal advisors, not only in the case at hand, but for any legal issue your family has. If we can’t help or do not know the answer, I have a network of trusted service providers who we can refer you to.

    Every case is different. Results vary.

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