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Attorneys Fees

An Overview of Attorneys Fees

Attorneys fees are often the source of fear and intimidation at the initial meeting. If you are considering hiring an attorney, then you may know that there are different ways that you may be charged for the attorney’s services. The following article provides an overview of the most common types of fees that you may encounter when seeking an attorney’s help.

Consultation Fees

A consultation fee is often charged for the initial meeting between you and your prospective lawyer. During this meeting, you and the lawyer will discuss your case and determine if the lawyer will be able to assist you.

At the Lovely Law Firm, however, you will not be charged for a consultation; this service is absolutely free.

Flat Fees

A lawyer might charge a flat fee in a simple case that does not have a high chance of roadblocks. Attorneys fees for criminal cases are often quoted this way. Hourly attorneys fees are often charged for services such as drafting wills.

Contingency Fees

A lawyer may charge a contingent fee for personal injury, medical malpractice, and other types of cases. In cases involving a contingent fee, the lawyer will receive a percentage of the amount that is awarded to his or her client. If the client loses the case, then the lawyer does not get paid for his or her services, with the exception of expenses such as filing fees.

Contingency fees are sometimes barred by law. In South Carolina, a lawyer may not charge a client a contingency fee for domestic relations matters such as divorce and alimony or child custody and child support. Contingency fees are also prohibited when a lawyer is representing a defendant in a criminal case.

Hourly Fees

If a lawyer charges by the hour, then the client will pay the lawyer for each hour—or portion of an hour—that the lawyer works on the client’s case. This is the most common type of fee arrangement. Often, firm partners and more experienced attorneys will charge a higher hourly rate than associates and new attorneys that work in the same firm.

Retainer Fees

Sometimes, a lawyer will ask for a retainer fee. This type of fee is a type of down payment, and costs for the lawsuit are deducted from the fee. These fees can be confusing, and should be discussed with your lawyer to make sure that you understand the terms of the retainer agreement.

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