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An Overview of the South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP)

An Overview of the South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP)

South Carolina law requires any individual who has been convicted of driving under the influence to complete an Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program in order to apply for reinstatement of a South Carolina driver’s license.

DUI- Overview of your ADSAP Requirement

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What is the South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program?

More commonly known as ADSAP, the South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program is a statewide substance abuse program that is mandatory for individuals who have been convicted of driving under the influence. The purpose of the program is to lower the number of injuries and deaths that occur each year in South Carolina as a result of alcohol or drug-related automobile wrecks by reducing the risk that an individual will drive under the influence in the future.

An individual who has been convicted of a DUI must enroll in ADSAP within 30 days of his or her conviction. Enrollment can be completed with any certified ADSAP provider in the state. An individual who does not enroll in ADSAP within the 30-day time period may be held in contempt of court. Furthermore, an individual is not eligible for reinstatement of his or her driver’s license until the ADSAP program has been completed.

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Once enrolled in an ADSAP program, an individual will be assessed to identify any factors that contributed to his or her DUI conviction. The individual will then be assigned goals to address problem areas, including education and treatment services designed to help the individual reduce his or her risk of committing another DUI offense in the future.

An individual who is participating in ADSAP and has only one DUI conviction may obtain a provisional driver’s license, which will permit driving for six months on the condition that the individual continues to participate in ADSAP. Those who do not qualify for a provisional driver’s license may be eligible for a restricted license.

ADSAP enrollment carries a $500 fee, while treatment services required by the program can cost up to $2,000. A comprehensive list of ADSAP providers can be found at .

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ADSAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I have to enroll in ADSAP if I am convicted of A BUI?
    • The answer is yes. In order for your boating privileges to be restored by the DNR you have to complete ADSAP. DNR will not reinstate your boating (or jet ski) privileges until they’re notified that you successfully completed the ADSAP program.
  • Do I have to enroll in ADSAP if I’m convicted of a DUI or DUIA?
    • The answer is yes, you must enroll within thirty days of a conviction. If you’re eligible for a provisional or a restricted driver’s license from the DMV, enrolling in and successfully completing the ADSAP program is mandatory.
  • How Long will it take me to complete the ADSAP program?
    • The timeframe varies for each person, and each person is going to be assessed differently. You may be able to complete the program by the end of your license suspension period, and for others, it may take up to twelve months.
  • What are the requirements for enrolling in ADSAP if my license is suspended through the state’s admin?
    • If you plan on contesting the revocation of your license, you have thirty days from the notice of suspension to request a hearing. The Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings will hold an admin hearing after receiving your request. If the suspension is upheld you must enroll and complete ADSAP. If you win your admin hearing, your license is, your suspension is rescinded. There’s no ADSAP that you have to complete. If you win your admin hearing but are later convicted of the underlying DUI or DUAC you must enroll and complete ADSAP, even if you beat the DUI. And one more thing: if you never even request the hearing, you’re out of luck. You gotta take ADSAP.
  • The Lovely Law Firm Injury Lawyer DUIWhat is ADSAP?
    • The South Carolina Alcohol and Drugs Safety Program is known as ADSAP, and it’s our state-wide substance abuse program. It is designed for individuals who are convicted of a DUI or DUAC, individuals who are referred by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for a BUI, and individuals whose license are suspended through the state’s administrative license revocation procedures. Drivers are going to fall under that category if they’re charged under provisions known as their zero-tolerance provisions, which is usually for those under twenty-one years old, or if they blow point one five and higher. An individual would also be subject to the administrative license revocation if he or she refuses to take a blood, breath, or urine test when the officer believes there’s a presence of alcohol or another drug. ADSAP is offered in every county as well as there’s an out of state program for our out of state defendants.
  • What is involved with ADSAP?
    • Every person’s going to be different and will be assessed based on their individual problem areas that contributed to their DUI or DUAC. You’re going to develop a list of things and goals, some education, and some treatment that will be provided to help you reduce the risk of committing another violation. Successful completion of the program is going to be based on whether or not you have reduced your risk of another violation.
  • What should I Do if I move out of state after being convicted of DUI?
    • You still must complete the South Carolina ADSAP requirements if you want to get your license reinstated, or if you want a license from your own state. You can contact the interstate ADSAP program to complete all the ADSAP requirements in your home state.
  • When should I contact ADSAP?
    • You need to call them as soon as possible after you receive notice that you must complete the program. If you have been convicted you must enroll within thirty days of that conviction.
  • Where do I enroll in ADSAP?
    • You may enroll with any certified ADSAP provider in the state. A listing of certified ADSAP offices can be found online or in your local telephone book. As a courtesy some of those locations are also provided on our website.
  • Am I required to complete ADSAP if I am convicted of an SC DUI but have an out of state license?
    • I advise my clients that yes, you need to complete ADSAP. The South Carolina DMV will put a hold on your license. Our DMV may not have the authority to suspend your out of state driver’s license, but it can put a hold that will mess you up when you go to renew in your home state. So the best course of action is for you to complete the ADSAP so that you will not have any worries down the road in your home state.
  • Can I drive while I am in ADSAP?
    • Well if this is your first DUI and you meet certain requirements, you may be able to obtain a provisional driver’s license from the DMV. This driver’s license allows you to drive for six months from the date of issue, as long as you successfully participate in ADSAP. Now there are other restricted licenses that may be available for you if you do not qualify for the provisional. The DMV will be able to determine all your eligibility.
  • Copy of The Lovely Law Firm Injury Lawyer What is the cost of ADSAPWhat is the Cost of ADSAP?
    • The ADSAP is generally going to cost you five hundred dollars for the educational portion of the program. Treatment services may cost you up to two thousand dollars if they’re required. However, the total cost will not exceed twenty-five hundred dollars.
  • What happens if I do not enroll in ADSAP?
    • Well, the court will be notified of your failure to enroll within thirty days. And also if you fail to complete the program the court’s going to find out about it, and they may hold you in contempt of court if you can’t show cause as to why no enrollment occurred within your thirty day period, or why you did not finish the program. Additionally, the DMV will not reinstate your license or special driving privilege until it’s notified of your successful enrollment and completion of the ADSAP program.

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