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What is Accutane?

Accutane (isotretinoin) is a form of vitamin A that was used to treat severe cystic acne before being discontinued. The drug, which belongs to a class of drugs called retinoids, works by reducing the amount of oil that your skin releases. The drug became very popular, and was so effective at treating severe acne that it began to be prescribed frequently for all stages of acne.

What Side Effects Can I Experience While Taking Accutane?

Several bad side effects result from the use of this drug. Women who become pregnant and use Accutane during pregnancy can give birth to children with severe birth defects. A study conducted in 2007 found that only one in ten women who became pregnant while taking the drug gave birth to a live child. Accutane can produce such life-threatening birth defects that the drug was only available if the patient agreed in writing to use two forms of birth control and take regular pregnancy tests.

Accutane users were also up to two and a half times more likely to develop Inflammatory Bowel Disease than people who did not take the drug, according to research presented by the University of North Carolina. Other bowel problems caused by Accutane include ulcerative colitis (open sores in the bowels), which was four times more likely to be experienced by individuals who took Accutane.

Other side effects include, among other things:

• Depression and suicidal thoughts
• Eye problems
• Joint, muscle, and bone pain
• Nosebleeds
• Skin rashes
• Hair loss
• Bloody urine
• Fast or irregular heartbeat
• Mood changes

Accutane Taken Off the Market

In 2009, Roche Pharmaceuticals took the drug off of the market. While the company claimed that the drug was not necessary after generic versions of the drug were introduced, severe side effects, deadly birth defects, and litigation likely had a large impact on the company’s decision to stop manufacturing the drug.

If you have experienced severe side effects or gave birth to a child with life-threatening birth defects following usage, you may be eligible to file a claim against Roche Pharmaceuticals to recover damages such as:

• Medical care (including hospital bills, medical equipment, surgical costs, and prescription medication);
• Lost wages, and loss of future earning capacity;
• Pain and suffering; and
• Emotional distress.

I’ve Experienced Side Effects —What Should I Do?

If you or a loved one suffered from life-changing effects after taking this drug, the Mass Tort team at The Lovely Law Firm is here to help you win the compensation that you deserve. To schedule a free case evaluation and have an attorney discuss your claim with you, call 843-839-4111 today.


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