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Uber Accidents

Uber Accidents: Key Distinctions to Understand

Uber accidents are happening everyday ever since the company took the transportation world by storm in 2010. Now available in over 60 countries, the company provides one million rides per day, outshining taxis in popularity and usage rates. With this large of a customer base, it’s inevitable that accidents involving Uber vehicles occur. How do you obtain compensation from a car accident, however, when you are in an accident involving an Uber vehicle instead of a normal car?

Why is an Uber Accident Different from a Normal Car Accident?

If you are in an accident while riding in an Uber vehicle, your injuries may be no less serious than if you were in your own vehicle. However, Uber accidents are handled differently when it comes to personal injury suits.

Drivers of Uber aren’t considered employees—rather, they are considered independent contractors. This helps the company escape vicarious liability (liability for an employee’s actions) for injuries sustained during an accident. While passengers and drivers are covered by a $1 million per-ride insurance policy, lawsuits against Uber are difficult to litigate because Uber disclaims any liability for a driver’s actions by refusing to claim the drivers as employees. The employee/independent contractor distinction is also important in that Uber can disclaim any liability if the accident occurred because the driver was drunk or reckless.

How Do I Get Compensation for My Injuries?

If you have been hurt in a car wreck in which you were a passenger in a vehicle being driven by an Uber driver, then you have the option of suing the driver of the Uber vehicle. This can lead to relatively little compensation, however, if the driver does not carry a high amount of insurance.

If you were driving your own vehicle or were a pedestrian and were injured by a vehicle manned by an Uber driver, then the $1 million per-ride insurance policy is only available to you if the driver had a customer riding in the vehicle when the accident occurred. Otherwise, Uber is not responsible for these accidents, and you will need to file with your own insurance company or the personal insurance of the Uber driver.

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