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Simple Possession of Marijuana

Simple Possession Charge of Marijuana

Drug Possession in South Carolina carries severe legal penalties. Simple Possession of Marijuana is a common charge in Myrtle Beach. Justin Lovely and Amy Lawrence can inform you of your rights and possible ways to keep these charges off your permanent record.

Drug convictions will follow you for a lifetime and impede your ability to gain employment. People often have the misconception that Marijuana charges are not a big deal due to the fact that marijuana is becoming legal in certain states across the country. The fact is, Marijuana possession, even simple possession of marijuana, can lead to high fines, loss of employment, and even jail time. Contact the Lovely Law Firm today to discuss your case. Marijuana is still illegal in SC and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the statutory penalties for marijuana possession or possession of other drugs, Drug Convictions directly affect Federal Student aid for college students. Your ability to attend college can be affected by a drug charge that leads to a conviction.

Coastal Carolina Simple Possession of Marijuana

Conway, SC is the home of CCU. A common charge in Conway, SC for college students is a Simple Possession of Marijuana charge. The campus police often find the marijuana in the dorms of the students in Conway and later prosecute these cases in Conway Municipal Court. The Lovely Law Firm can represent you in your Conway criminal proceedings and advise you on how best to handle the CCU administrative process for a marijuana violation.

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