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Does SC Workers’ Compensation Pay for Vocational Rehabilitation

Does SC Workers’ Compensation Pay for Vocational Rehabilitation?


South Carolina’s no-fault workers’ compensation system helps thousands of people get the medical care they need and continue paying their bills while they recover from workplace injuries.

Ideally, workers return to their old jobs as soon as they are able.

But, sometimes a workplace injury leaves a worker unable to return to the same job. For example, a severe repetitive motion injury could leave a factory worker unable to perform the tasks that led to the injury, or a back injury could lead to chronic pain that makes it impossible for a construction worker to continue lifting heavy materials.

When this happens, workers are usually eligible for help finding a new line of work through vocational rehabilitation services in SC.

How Can SC Vocational Rehabilitation Help?

Vocational rehabilitation professionals help workers identify limitations caused by their injuries, access technological support to help them function with those limitations, determine what job skills they already have, and acquire any new skills that are needed to start a new job.

The kinds of injuries that sideline workers often require long-term management that could include physical therapy or surgeries. Voc rehab professionals can help determine what kind of treatment is needed and ease the process of accessing treatment.

Voc rehab also determines if there is a need for assistive devices which could include anything from crutches or wheelchairs for leg or back injuries to special computer software designed to provide cognitive assistance to people who have suffered job-related brain injuries.

SC Vocational rehabilitation professionals help injured workers find career options that are practical considering the limitations caused by their injury. An assessment determines what kind of new job would be a good fit based on the worker’s education, skills, and qualifications.

When it comes to landing a new job, voc rehab tries to make the change as smooth as possible. Voc rehab will usually try to help injured workers find a different position with the same employer. When that is not possible, they provide job-search assistance with services like helping to prepare resumes and arrange interviews.

How Can My SC Workers’ Comp Attorney Help?

Employers and insurance companies often try to deny SC workers’ compensation claims or offer minimal compensation that doesn’t cover everything that you need.

Your workers’ comp attorney can help you to file your initial claim, collect the medical documentation and evidence you will need, and present that evidence to the insurance company or to the court during hearings or appeals.

If you need vocational rehabilitation services, your attorney will help to ensure that voc rehab is a part of your workers’ comp settlement, so you can get back to work.

SC Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Myrtle Beach

Your Myrtle Beach workers’ comp attorney will help you to ensure that all services that you need and that are compensable are a part of your workers’ comp settlement.

If you have been injured on the job in SC, call the Lovely Law Firm at (843) 839-4111 or fill out our online form to schedule a free case evaluation.

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